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Library Policies: Policies

CPHS Library

There is a world of information available through the library, and the library staff are always ready and able to help you find what you need and want to learn!

Library Information

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00-4:30

Fridays 8:00-4:00

Meet the Library Staff

Librarian, Debby Barnes
(512) 570-1240

Library Assistant, Patty Faulstich
(512) 570-1226

Contact Information

2150 Cypress Creek Rd.
Cedar Park, TX  78613


Coming to the Library

Students are welcome to visit the library any time, with the exception of DEN.  

Before school, after school, during an off period and during lunch are times when students may come on their own - no pass needed.

To come to the library for DEN, students must sign up for the Library DEN in the DEN portal.  ONLY students who have scheduled themselves for Library DEN will be allowed in the library at this time.

When coming to the library during a class,  students must have a pass issued by the teacher - even substitute teachers. Students arriving without a pass will be returned to class to get one



Students may print in the library with their print card.  Every semester, students are provided with 2 cards.  Each card contains 40 stars.  For every black and white printed page, one star will be marked.  One color page equals 2 stars.  If a student requires more copies or loses a card, additional cards may be purchased for $2 each.

Computer Use

Library computers are for school-related assignments only.  Availability is affected by classes for whom teachers have scheduled the library.  Scheduled classes always have priority.

Checking Out Items

Books are checked out at the circulation desk for a two-week period - regardless of material type.

Magazines may be checked out for 5 days.

As long as there is no one waiting for a particular book, students may renew their items by either bringing them to the circulation desk, or students can renew items themselves by simply logging into Destiny (library catalog) using their network login credentials. Students may also use this process to place items on hold.

Up to 5 items may be checked out at any time.  

Students with overdue materials may be denied the privilege of checking out more items until those that are overdue are returned.


Library materials may be returned to the book drop outside the library in the West hallway.  There is also a book drop at the circulation desk.  And, of course, items may always be handed to one of the library staff or student aides. 

Lost Books

Patrons who lose library materials are required to pay the cost of the item(s) plus a $1 fee for the replacement of the bookcard, barcode label, etc.  This fee is reflected in the price of the item(s).  If lost items are found and are in reasonable condition, a refund will be issued.