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Science Fair 2015-16: Research

Best Databases for Science

The following databases provide a wealth of quality research articles from both current periodicals, scholarly journals and newspapers.  While using your articles please be sure to record the bibliographic citation at the bottom of the page, bookmarking and creating links will not work on databases, but you will be able to search using the article title if you need to find it again.

Citation Management Software

Citation management software can help you:

  • Organize your citations
  • format your citations into different citation styles
  • add citations to your documents
  • create a list of cited sources in your document
  • create notecards to keep your research organized

  Passwords from Home

How do I access the databases from home?

1. Select either the Word or PDF file from the links above.

2. When asked for a password ask Ms. Lopez or think of cheering on your mascot :) or what Mr. Haase always ends announcements with. 

3. Once open you will have a list of all database usernames and passwords.