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LHS Library Homepage: Policies & Procedures

Library Policies

Teacher Use Policy

Pass Policy: Students are welcome to visit the library at any time. Before school, after school, and during lunch are times when students may come on their own. When coming to the library from a class, however, students must have a PASS and must sign in at the desk. Students without passes will be sent back to class. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THESE PROCEDURES IN YOUR SUBSTITUE PLANS!

Classes: You need to schedule a classroom area for your class prior to when you plan on using the library. Classes can be scheduled through Eduphoria. If you come to the Library without scheduling in advance, there may not be classroom space available. Onlystudents from your class can come to the Library without you. Please do not send groups of students from your classroom unsupervised. They will be sent back to class.

Substitues: Substitues are not to come to the library without prior permission. Please consult with me before involving a substitue in the library plans.

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