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LHS Library Homepage: What's On

Student and Faculty Book Club

Join us on October 25 in the library from 4-4:45 for the first meeting of the student and faculty book club.  Bring a book you have read recently to share.  We will set the ground rules, decide on meeting dates, and select a book for next time!  Also, there will be snacks...

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Clue Game--Wednesday Pride Times in October

Sign up for Wednesday Pride Time in the LHS Library in October and we will have Clue Games available for you to play.  Can you unmask the murderer in 30 minutes?  Play to find out!

November is NaNoWritMo

Sign up for Library Pride Time on Wednesdays in November to join our NeNoWriMo writing group!

National Novel Writing Month is every November.  Writers commit to writing every day and finishing a novel during the month.

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