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What Is Research?

"Research" implies any in-depth scholarly or creative project in which a student engages in the scholarly work of the discipline with a goal of creating new knowledge or perspectives. Every research project has the following basic steps:

  • Ask a question, or pose a problem or envision a creative work
  • Research how others have approached a similar problem and develop your process
  • Find the answer or create the work
  • Communicate the knowledge or present the creative work 


All source citations are due 3/27.  You will turn these in to and Mrs. Spittler will be grading them.

All notecards are due on 3/31. You are expected to work on these outside of class.

Google Docs of annotated articles due on 3/31

Outline due 4/7

Rough Draft Due 4/21

Final Draft Due 4/28 

Critical Reading


Google Scholar is for education and immediately limits the results of your search to those websites that fall into the domains of .edu, .gov and .org