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AP Seminar: Home

Before you start

Before you start any production project, you should storyboard ideas. There are many storyboard template on the web. These are a few examples of completed storyboards and blank templates you can use. 

Royalty Free Music

  Passwords from Home

How do I access the databases from home?

1. Select either the Word or PDF file from the links above.

2. When asked for a password ask Ms. Lopez or think of cheering on your mascot :) or what Mr. Haase always ends announcements with. 

3. Once open you will have a list of all database usernames and passwords.

Room Bookings

Book a Library Space

Students remember you can book a space in the library. Spaces range from the collaboration tables to the green screen studio (look for the Viper Production Studio).

If you need time during PIT, schedule the time and I will approve the space. I'll e-mail you and ask for the members of your group and add you in the PIT portal.