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Sophomore Research - Truisms: Home

Steps to Success-Big 6

1. Task Definition- What am I supposed to do (Pick a topic)-What information do I need to do it?

2.  Information Seeking Strategies-What are the best resources to use for this task?

             A. Find Books, look in library databases.

             B. Evaluate Sources (C.R.A.P) evaluate websites.

3.  Information and Access-Where are the resources and how will I find the information I need in them

            A. ex. Library, Internet

            B. Keywords, subjects, Boolean operators (AND,OR,NOT)

4. Use of information-Read and use information--note taking

            A. NoodleTools

5. Synthesis (Putting it all together)

A. Plan the paper; beginning with a review of the technical requirements

            B. Using note cards in NoodleTools, create an outline for your paper

            C. Write your first draft; remember: your goal is support your thesis

            D. Revise and print your final paper

6. Evaluation-

   A. Using the technical criteria listed at the beginning of this document, check to make sure that your paper meets all criteria outlined.

Google Accounts

Logging into your school Google Account. 

XX stands for the last two numbers in your studentID

Password is the password you use to login to the computers.