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English I - DKing - Persuasive Research Paper: Assignment/Requirements

Persuasive Research

Paper Details 2017

Due Mar 8, 11:59 PM

Persuasive Research Paper and Speech

The persuasive research paper and speech assignment is attached below. Begin researching now to pick out a persuasive topic that you will want to research and speak about to the class.

Research topics are due February 2nd


You will be accessing the library LibGuide, NoodleTools note cards,, and other helpful research tools that will aid you in developing your research paper and speech.


Sources required: Students who work alone must have a minimum of 3 sources (only 1 can be a Website) with 10-12 note cards. Groups must have 4-5 sources (only 2 can be Websites) with 20-25 note cards. Sources can come from the categories below:


database articles from the library's databases

periodical articles (database: magazine, newspaper, or journal)

book sources (nonfiction, eBook or Reference book)

Internet site which must be: .gov or .edu (no Wikipedia)


Sources may not include:


general encyclopedia (World Book, etc.)

.com or .net Web sites without prior approval


MLA format -12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced.

Before turning in your work, proof it first - read the whole composition sentence by sentence to catch any mistakes in clarity of communication to your reader, smoothness in the flow of your ideas from sentence to sentence, as well as spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


When you're ready to turn in your assignment, click "Open" on the assignment, and then "Add" (bottom left), and then click on the Google Drive symbol to find and add your Google Doc. (Or, click on "Create," then "Docs".) Click "Turn in." (Don't click "share." Click "Turn in".)


When you turn in the assignment, you'll see the green word "Done" with a check mark (upper right corner).


Click on the assignment that you just turned in to make sure that it was turned in and to make sure that it is the product that you want graded. If you realize that you made a mistake after turning in your assignment (before the due date) and need to fix it, click "unsubmit," fix it, and then click "resubmit."


NoodleTools Note Card #1 - Persuasive Research - Due: February 14th

Note Card includes full source citation with a quote and a paraphrase of that quote, each followed by the exact same parenthetical citation.

(Do not click "Mark as Done" or "Turn In" the assignment. This assignment will be graded in NoodleTools.)


Research Paper Tips:

1. In NoodleTools, if you click on "View Live Web Page" to the the left of your citation, it will take you directly to your article.

2. In NoodleTools, if you click on "In-text reference" to the the right of your citation, it will show you what your parenthetical citation looks like, which you must add after each quote and paraphrase.

3. In my research LibGuide, there is a sample research paper under the "Research Paper Checklist" tab.

4. In my research LibGuide, click on "MackinVia" to access library databases from home.

5. In my research LibGuide, click on the "Paraphrasing" tab to see examples of how to paraphrase.

6. In my research LibGuide, click on "Turnitin" and follow the flow chart to learn how to submit your research paper.

7. In NoodleTools, don't forget to manually add quotation marks around your direct quotes, and move the period after the sentence to after the last parenthesis of the parenthetical citation.


Research Unit Overview

­­­­­­­­Persuasive Research Paper and Speech 2017


*Paper due and speeches begin: April 13 (A-Day), April 14 (B Day)


Choose a topic that you feel strongly about. (Keep your audience in mind when choosing.)

Look at ABC-CLIO's topics in Issues: Understanding Controversy database, or google “Persuasive Speech Topics.” See purple Holt textbook pages for tutorials: R21-R26; R40-41; R79; 654-667; 712-718

Go to the Library LibGuide for helpful research paper steps: English I - DKing - Persuasive Research Paper

Reminder: Your paper with be submitted to, so write an original paper and include citations.



70% - Typed Portion (MLA style, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced).  Include the following components:


A. Intro:

    1. Hook (attention-getter) – statistics, anecdotes, quotations, observations

    2. Claim (thesis, assertion, position) – Clearly state your side of the argument, your point of view

B. 2-3 Body Paragraphs: (inductive or deductive reasoning)

    3. Reasons for claim with supporting evidence that you’ve researched (books, websites, databases, periodicals).

        *Three sources minimum (from a variety of types) –

        *Use NoodleTools notecards (citation, quote, paraphrase)

        (Document each source with a parenthetical citation within the body of your paper and the full source

          information in MLA format on a separate Works Cited page (last and separate page of the paper).

Sources required: Students who work alone must have a minimum of  3 sources (only 1 can be a Website) with 10-12 note cards.  Groups must have 4-5 sources (only 2 can be Websites) with 20-25 note cards.  Sources can come from the categories below: 

  • database article from the library's databases
  • print source (nonfiction, eBook or Reference book)
  • periodical article (print or from database: magazine, newspaper, or journal)
  • Internet site which must be: .gov or .edu

Sources may not include:

  • Wikipedia
  • general enclyclopedia (World Book, etc.)
  • .com or .net Web sites without prior approval


    4. Concessions and counterarguments (R21)

C. Conclusion:

    5. Restate thesis using slightly different wording from first paragraph, and then a final audience call to action.



15% - Highlight and label examples of each persuasive rhetorical strategy that you use in your speech

           *You must apply three minimum of the following in your speech:


1. Logical Appeals (Logos)                               6. Repetition                               11. “Snob” Appeal

2. Emotional Appeals (Pathos)                         7. Rhetorical Questions               12. “Plain Folks” Appeal

3. Ethical Appeals (Ethos)                                8. Loaded Language                   13. Glittering Generality

4. Figurative Language                                     9. Bandwagon Appeal                 14. Transfer

5. Parallelism                                                  10. Testimonial                           15. Appeal to Loyalty


15% - Delivery


Present your speech in front of the class.  You may use notes and/or a copy of your written speech to assist you.  You will be graded in the following categories:


1. Length (2-3 minutes)                                                                     

2. Eye contact/body language                                         

3. Vocal projection – volume inflection, pronunciation


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