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English II - CultEx: The Rough Draft

Writing the Rough Draft

The Rough Draft:  This assignment represents your full exploration of your topic.  You will now refine and develop your thesis into a 1,250 – 2,000 word rough draft of your paper. This submission should be as close as possible to your final paper so that you can benefit from my comments.





“A great truth wants to be criticized not idolized”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche



What should it include?

  • An introduction closing with a thesis statement.  The thesis should clearly encapsulate a specific, provable argument about your focus text.

  • A logically-organized body that persuasively makes your argument.   Use as many body paragraphs as you need to build your argument.  Support each point with evidence from your book, informational texts, and/or your illuminating text.  Blend and cite quotes.

  • A conclusion that summarizes and adds insight without being repetitive.

  • A Works Cited page.


What form should it take?

  • Roughly 1,250-2,000 words (5-8 pages) typed, double-spaced.

  • Formal in style and form—this is now an analytical essay.It will be graded for language and form as well as thoughtfulness.

  • Share with me via and bring in hard copies for each member of your writing group.