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English II - CultEx: Writing #3

Writing #3

Writing #3:  This assignment represents a further exploration of your topic.  By now, you should have read/viewed/listened to a final illuminating text.  In a short exploration, you will write about whether and how this text illuminated your focus text and deepened your thinking about it. 





“I think the deeper you go into questions,

the deeper or more interesting the questions get.

And I think that’s the job of art.”

~ Andre Dubus III



What should it include?

  • An explanation of why you chose the illuminating text and what you expected to gain from reading/viewing/listening to it.

  • An insightful discussion on whether and how the text illuminated your focus text.What did the illuminating text highlight?Did it alter or deepen your thinking?How and why/why not?

  • This discussion should include details from the illuminating text (such as quotes, images, examples) that support your exploration of ideas or elements of the focus text.Show me that you engaged with it.Your discussion must be analytical in nature; you may still have questions, but you should be narrowing and refining your thinking.


What form should it take?

  • Roughly 500 words typed, double-spaced.

  • Informal in style and form—this is another think piece, not a formal essay.It will not be graded for language or form but simply on its completeness and thoughtfulness.

  • Share your document with me via and bring in hard copies for each member of your writing group.