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LHS Library Homepage: Documenting Your Scavenger Hunt

Ways to Document Your Scavenger Hunt

Option 1:  Reflective Journal (Google Doc/Google Slides/Google Sites)

For each activity, write a journal entry (at least 200 words) detailing the logistics (title, date, explanation, picture, etc) and your reflections about the activity. This could be a physical journal or an online journal. Click here for an example journal, here for an example slideshow, here for a Google Sites example. Be sure to keep the settings on private and share it with the specific people you want to see it (i. e. your teachers).


Option 2: Video Compilation


For each activity, create a video (at least 1:00 in length) that shows you doing/completing the activity & explain your new understanding.  Include yourself in the video and anyone else that you shared the experience with. Link your videos in one place and you will turn in that link.  (You could combine this option with option 3 below.) If you use YouTube, please keep the videos private and share directly with your teachers.


Option 3:  Creative Booklet or Poster

Similar to Option 1 but in physical format.


At least 15 entries are required, regardless of the documentation method