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Spanish 1 Country Research: Home

Use the information on this page to help you complete country research assignment.

Guiding Documents

  Passwords from Home

How do I access the databases from home?

1. Select either the Word or PDF file from the links above.

2. When asked for a password ask Ms. Lopez or think of cheering on your mascot :) or what Mr. Haase always ends announcements with. 

3. Once open you will have a list of all database usernames and passwords.

Great Resources for Country Research


Helpful Tools for Documentation

All students at VHS have a NoodleTools account simply select the image above. You can now connect with your Google login information.  Enter your school e-mail address and password. You should be asked to link data from previous accounts. 

Then, simply

Select from MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian Styles.

Choose Junior, Intermediate, or Advanced. As a high school student, I'll choose Advanced.

Name your project something unique. Remember, you'll have access to it for years to come.


Credit to L. Cowell for the information and image found in this box.