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Latin 1 Mythology: NoodleTools

Quick Start Guide

To keep track of your sources and notes do this!

1. Click on NoodleBib

2. Begin a new list.

3. Name it with the name of your topic.

4. Select a format-Ask your teacher for the format

5. Start entering resources.

7. Check for errors!

8. Make notes on notecards.

To print your bibliography do this!

1. Click on MY LISTS.

2. Click on the list for this project.

3. Click on PRINT.


5. Hand it in to your teacher and receive praise.



Using Notecards-Help

Screen cast tutorials to help with using note cards.

Share your List with your teacher


  1. Log in to your own NoodleBib account.
  2. Open the project you are working on.
  3. Your dashboard should had several options, select Share project with a teacher's drop box
  4. Type in your class name exactly as your teacher tells you.
  • ex. Johnson English Period 2

   6. Once you select "share," you will receive a message that lets you know you have successfully shared your list.