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Biology & PAP Biology - Projects with MLA Citations: Evaluating a Website. Is it CRAP?

Use this guide to help you create MLA formatted citations for your Biology assignments.

Is it CRAP?

The CRAP test is a way to evaluate a source based on the following criteria: Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose/Point of View.  Ask questions to help you think about how to measure each of the criteria.




Purpose/Point of View

-- from LOEX 2008


C.R.A.P. Test Form


          o How recent is the information?

          o How recently has the website been updated?

          o Is it current enough for your topic?


          o What kind of information is included in the resource?

          o Is content of the resource primarily opinion?  Is is balanced?

          o Does the creator provide references or sources for data or quotations?


          o Who is the creator or author?

          o What are the credentials?

          o Who is the published or sponsor?

          o Are they reputable?

          o What is the publisher's interest (if any) in this information?

          o Are there advertisements on the website?


          o Is this fact or opinion?

          o Is it biased?

          o Is the creator/author trying to sell you something?

Citing a Web Site

When citing something from the free Internet in Noodle Tools, please remember the difference between a Web site and a Web pageIf you performed a search through a search engine, chances are you are looking at and citing a page from a larger Web site

To find the name of the Web site, truncate the URL by highlighting all characters after the .com or .net or .org, then press the 'enter' key.  The title of the Web site will be on their home page. 

Chances are, if you could not find an author, editor, publisher of the site and/or publication date on the page you're citing, you'll find them here on the home page.  Sometimes to find all the information, you may need to go to the 'contact us' or 'about' sections of the site. 

Remember, if ANYONE, can find the information on the page or site, you MUST include it in your citation.

How reliable is Wikepedia?