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Biography Questions (from World Book)

  • When was the person born?
  • Where did the person live?
  • What did the person look like (physical attributes, etc.)?
  • What is the person’s educational background?
  • What did the person do to become famous?
  • What is known about the person’s childhood and family life?
  • What other events are known about the person’s life?
  • What was happening in the time/area the person lived?
  • What key events in the person’s life do you think influenced him or her to make the decisions he or she made?
  • What abilities did the person possess?
  • How were/are other people influenced by the person?
  • What people influenced the person to do what he or she did?
  • What did other people have to say about this person during the time he or she lived? How about later?
  • What did you learn from the life of the person?
  • Is the person still alive? If not, how and when did the person die?
  • What is the person’s legacy?