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UIL Literary Criticism: Literary Criticism Resources

Use this guide to help prepare you for competition.

Why can't I find it on Google?

Using Google for searches is fast, fun and usually gives you tons of results. However, when you are searching for specific critical articles about works of literature, you will discover that using online databases is a better way to find exactly what you need. Often, the articles you need are only available for a fee; because you are a VHS student, you can access these articles for free from our online subscription databases. In some cases, your teacher will require you to use database resources only, so this is another good reason for learning how to find articles within the resources provided by your school library.

When you do locate criticism resources using Google, make sure that the article you decide to use is not someone's opinion (like a blog or wiki) but is instead actual factual information backed up by research and citations.~Lori Franklin, Olathe East High School. 

Library Resources

 We have lots of resources available to help you.

 First off you must know what literary criticism is –“the evaluative or interpretive work written by professional interpreters of texts. It is ‘criticism’ not because it is negative or corrective, but rather because those who write criticism ask hard, analytical, crucial, or 'critical' questions about the works they read" (Norton’s Anthology).

Literary criticism is NOT found on, Barnes and, Wikipedia, or Spark Notes, etc.  


Web Resources


How do I access the databases from home?

1. Select either the Word or PDF file from the links below.

2. When asked for a password ask Ms. Lopez or think of cheering on your mascot :). 

3. Once open you will have a list of all database usernames and passwords.