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Students As Leaders: Application

A new course for students who are selected to run the CPHS genius bar to help students with technology and their devices.

Students As Leaders

A New Course!

Are you good with computers?  Do you find that your friends ask you for help with troubleshooting their device or program applications?  Do you enjoy helping others learn more about using their device?

Next year the freshman class will receive Lenovo touch-screen computers.  To help with minor trouble-shooting issues and learning how to use their devices, CPHS is developing a class where tech-y students are available on site to help users of these new laptops.  You will receive a local credit for this class.  It will not affect your GPA, however it will appear on your transcript. 

The class will be held in the CPHS library.  You will be helping develop what this class looks like and have input on how the mLISD roll-out will be implemented at CPHS. 

If you are interested on being part of this innovative new program, please click on the link below to complete the application.  Applications must be completed by noon September 4th – no exceptions Mrs. Barnes will select applicants and schedule interviews beginning September 8th.


If you have any questions, email Mrs. Barnes or stop by the library. 

Students as Leaders Application Link