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LHS Teacher Library Inservice: Resource scavenger hunt


Answer as many questions as you want--you may go in any order you wish. 

The goal is for you to experience as many of the library resources as you can! 

 Ask for help if you need it!


(Fun fact--did you know the LHS library subscribes to over $15,000 worth of resources?)


1.  Using the library catalogue, look for a book written by Robert Marzano.  How many different titles do you see?  Choose one title.  How many other LISD campuses have that same title?  Did you know you could request copies from other campuses?  (If not, ask us how!)

2.  What would you or a student use Noodletools for?

3.  How many ebooks are listed under the Marshall Cavendish Digital site?  Type the search term computers in the blue search box at the top of the page.  How many articles do you see?  Choose one article.  What book is it from?  Does your article have pictures?  Graphs or charts?

4.  Find some information on William Shakespeare from our biography database.  How many articles do you see?  Can you find a picture of him?

5.  Pick a famous contemporary person and using the same database, see if you can find anything on that person.

6.  Using Culturegrams, choose a country in the world.  Write one fact about that country.  Can you find a recipe from that country?  A picture?

7.  Go to ABC-Clio.  Click on Issues.  Click on Exploring Issues.  Choose one of the subject headings to explore.  What sort of information do you notice?

8.  Go to Opposing Viewpoints.  Type oil spill as a search term.  How many reference book articles do you see?  How many images are available?

9.  Go to Student Resource Center.  Choose a topic from the front page.  How many article and image results do you see?  Choose an article.  Can you find how to listen to the article?

****SPED/ ESL teachers--ask me to show you some lower level sites in addition to these next few******

10.  Go to World Book.  Choose the Student version.  Type environmental pollution as your search term.  Look at the top of the article.  How many languages can you translate that article to?  Will the program read the article to you?  Now go back to the home page.  Choose a different level of  the encyclopedia.  Enter the same search term and see what your results are.

11.  A new Proquest database--.  Look at the drop down menu for the different  databases available.  How many do you see?  Type the search term reading strategies in the main search box.  How many articles do you see?

12. Go to elibrary.  Use the search term lions--look at the results.

13.  Go to SIRS.  Use the search term health care.  How much information can you find?

14. Can you find the link to our Facebook page?  Would you like to be one of our fans?

15.  Would you like to follow the LHS Library on Twitter

16.   Did you find at least one library resource you can use with your students?  If not, please schedule some time to come talk with me!  We have something for everyone!