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What is the History IA?

A historical investigation consisting of a written account of between 1,500 and 2,000 words, divided into six sections: a plan of the investigation, a summary of evidence, an evaluation of sources, an analysis, a conclusion, and a list of sources (works cited). The investigation must be a written piece and should be the work of the individual student. Group work is not permitted.

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IA - The Written Account

Every student must produce a written account consisting of the following six sections.

• A Plan of the investigation
• B Summary of evidence
• C Evaluation of sources
• D Analysis
• E Conclusion
• F Sources and word limit
Total: 1,500–2,000 words
25 marks

A - Plan of the investigation

Students should:

• state the topic of the investigation, which should be formulated as a question

• define the scope of the investigation

• explain the method of the investigation.

B - Summary of evidence

This section should consist of factual material that is:

• drawn from sources that are appropriate for the investigation

• correctly and consistently referenced

• organized thematically or chronologically. 

C - Evaluation of sources

This section should consist of:

• a critical evaluation of two important sources appropriate to the investigation

• explicit reference to the origin, purpose, value and limitation of the selected sources.

D - Analysis

This section should consist of:

• an analysis that breaks down complex issues in order to bring out the essential elements, any

underlying assumptions and any interrelationships involved

• an understanding of the issue in its historical context

• a critical examination of the factual material presented in section B

• an awareness of the significance of the sources used, especially those evaluated in section C

• a consideration of different interpretations of evidence, where appropriate.

E - Conclusion

The conclusion must be clearly stated, consistent with the evidence presented and relevant to the research


F - Sources and word limit

A list of sources (Works Cited) and all citations, using the Turabian style must be included; any

illustrations, documents, or other supporting evidence should be included in an appendix. None of these

will form part of the word count. The word count for the investigation must be clearly and accurately stated

on the title page.