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NoodleTools: Magazine - Sample MLA Citation

NoodleTools supports the research process with a platform of integrated tools for note-taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.

Video Tutorial: Magazine Articles - MLA Style

Finding Magazine Articles

You can certainly try using the free Internet to find magazine articles by searching Google, Bing or Yahoo - usually through an advanced search.  However, most jmagazinie publishers expect payment to view the whole article.  

Your library has subscription databases that house hundreds of thousands of magazine articles.  You have access to the entire magazine article because your library pays for that acccess.

Using the library's subscription databases is the best, fastest and easiest way to find a magazine article for your research.

If you would rather search the free Internet, it is easiest to go to the specifc magazine's web site and search their site.  Examples of magazines:  Time, Newsweek, Business Week, The Economist, etc.

Citing Content Found in a Database

Look at the type of document.  Most databases will tell you this.  You can either start your citation in NoodleTools by selecting 'database' and then choosing the type of media, OR you can select the type of media, and then choose 'database' from the tabs at the top of the next page. 

You do not need to include a URL in NoodleTools as these direct links will not work outside of our subscription.

Example Citation

Morrison, Nick. "If Teachers Had Their Time Again Our Classrooms Would Be 
     Empty." Forbes, 26 Sept. 2015, p. 29. Business Source Complete 
     Accessed 26 Sept. 2016. 

Citing a Magazine Article in NoodleTools