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NoodleTools: Book - Sample MLA Citation

NoodleTools supports the research process with a platform of integrated tools for note-taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.

Video Tutorial:  Books - MLA Style

Citing a Book Using ISBN Number

The easiest thing to cite in MLA format!  And with NoodleTools, all you need is the ISBN number.  When you have NoodleTools search the World Catalog, all the information from your book will be pulled into NoodleTools.  All you have to do is verify the information and click the 'submit' button!  

The ISBN number is found on the verso page (the backside of the title page).  It is a 10 or 13 digit number unique to your book.  You do not have to enter the dashes into NoodleTools for it to search for your book.

Example Citation

Morkes, Andrew, editor. Careers in Focus: Education. 3rd ed., Ferguson, 2009. 
     Careers in Focus. 

Citing a Book in NoodleTools