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Junior Persuasive Research Project: Home

Google Accounts & NoodleTools

Logging into your school Google Account. 

XX stands for the last two numbers in your studentID

Password is the password you use to login to the computers. 


Download Google Drive to your mobile devices.  





Why do we research?

Research helps people make well-informed decisions.

It is important to use reliable sources when writing a research paper or making well-informed decisions. Research is fact-based and needs to come from a variety of good sources. Search results found through Google may or may not be good. You need to learn to evaluate the information that you find.

Writers must often research in order to write knowledgeably and thoughtfully about a topic. Persuasive research requires you to take a stance and provide evidence that supports your belief.


Why do we have to cite resources?

People must always document information to avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work. Stealing others work is equivalent to intellectual theft.


The problem with research is that students want to create the question first and then find the research to support the question. Instead of first finding information and then developing the question. 



Research Calendar


Topic Due: 2/8, 2/9

Source Cd #1/ Notecard #1: 2/8, 2/9

Source Cd #2-3/ Notecard #2-4: 2/12, 2/13

Source Cd #4-5/ Notecard #5-8: 2/14, 2/15

Source Cd #6+/ Notecard #9-12: 2/16, 2/20

Outline & Thesis: 2/23, 2/26

Research Paper: 3/8, 3/9

Passwords for Home

How do I access the databases from home?

1. Go back to the top of the page--follow the directions for using Mackin Via.

2. Passwords may be found in the grade level LHS classrooms, or your teacher may have posted them in your Google Classroom for their specific class.

3. Ask your librarian if you cannot log in.