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Library Information


7:45- 4:15



Books are checked out for two weeks and can be renewed.

Magazines are checked out for two weeks - they can not be renewed


PLEASE remember-- library computers are for SCHOOL related use only.


Library Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is meant as a basic introduction to the library services--both on-line and off--you will be using over the next four years.  The goal is for you to become familiar with your library resources.  Record your answers on a separate piece of paper.   You do not have to work on the questions in order.

Please remember to work quietly and efficiently!

These questions require you to get up and move around the library:

1. Politely introduce yourself to our librarian.  What's her name?  Introduce yourself to our library assistant.  What's her name?

2. List the titles of three magazines you didn't know the library had. 

3.  How long can magazines be checked out?

4. Browse through the fiction section and find the books written by authors who share your last initial. List one title from that section.

5. Look at the signage on the ends of the non fiction shelves.  What shelf would I find books with a call number of 398.2?

6. When is the library open during the week?  (Hint--look at the text on the left side of this screen!)

7.  Should you play games on the library computers?


You will need a computer to locate and answer the following questions:  (***click on the blue links to go directly to the spot you need to answer a question.)

9. Using the Destiny Card Catalog, find one book on any of the following topics and list its title and call number.  Can you tell if it’s available from our library?  If you aren't sure how Destiny works, be sure to watch the video tutorial first.

  • basketball
  • cliques
  • rap music
  • mythology

10. Click on NoodleTools. What are two things you can use it for?

11. What is the difference between a database and the internet?

12. If you were asked to find general research, name one LHS library database would you use.

13. How do I use the databases from home? (hint:  you may need to ask for the passwords if you can't find them on the page.)  

14. What does the acronym CRAP stand for?

15. Click on the Trust but Verify tab and answer the 3 questions on the page. 

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