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Orientation: Cite your Sources (NoodleTools)

Quick Start Guide

To keep track of your sources and notes do this!

1. Click on NoodleTools

2. Set up an account. Username MUST BE lastname_studentid (password choose something you will remember)

3. Begin a new list.

4. Name it with the name of your topic.

5. Select a type of source.

6. Start entering resources.

7. Check for errors!

8. Make notes on notecards.

To print your bibliography do this!

1. Click on MY LISTS.

2. Click on the list for this project.

3. Click on PRINT.


5. Hand it in to your teacher and receive praise.




You must use Noodletools to cite your sources for any type of report.  You can also use it to keep your notes.  If you used the site last year, your user name and password is still valid.  If you have forgotten them, check with the library staff.

Why Cite?

Share your List with a group


  1. Log in to your own NoodleTools account.
  2. Check off the box to the left of the list for this assignment.
  3. Click the ‘copy’ button to the right of the list.
  4. On the next screen choose:
    Copy to another user’s folder.
  5. Enter one of your groupmate’s personal ID.
  6. Name the list something in the description box. You might want to name it something like: Pam’s North Korea List.
  7. Hit the ‘duplicate’ button.
  8. Repeat for each member of your group.
  9. You may need to refresh your screen at this point. Your groupmates lists should be there now, giving you access to their list of sources and their notes.
  10. You may choose to ‘merge’ your lists later on. If so, click on the boxes to the left of each list and then click on the ‘merge’ button at the bottom of the page.
  11. Voila! Right?