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Orientation: Library resources


  On a separate sheet of paper use the library resources to answer the following questions.  Answer the questions in any order you wish.  You do not need to print any articles to answer these questions.

1.  Log into your Noodletools account. Change your campus to VRHS if you need to.  If you do not have an account, please set one up by clicking on Create a Personal ID.  Ask for help if you need it!

2.  Click on Culturegrams.  Choose any country in Europe and see if you can find the colors of their national flag. Find one interesting fact about the country.

3.  Click on World Book Encyclopedia.  Find the Student edition.  Find another fact about the same country from #2.

4.  Type William Shakespeare in our biography database.  Name one article you see.  Can you find a picture of him?

5.  Go to Opposing Viewpoints.  Type space exploration as a search term.  How many journal articles do you see?  How many images are available? (your answer may be a big number!)

6.  Go to Student Resource Center.  Find History and click View All.  How many topic  results do you see?  Choose Industrial Revolution.  Can you find the title to one article?

7. Go to elibrary.  Use the search term animal rights--Write the name of one article you found.

8.  Go to SIRS  Use the search term global warming as a Subject search.  What is the first article you see?  Go back to the first page.  Change to a Keyword search.  Does the page look different to you?

9.  How many ebooks are listed on the Marshall Cavendish Digital site?  Type the search term computers in the blue search box at the top of the page.  How many articles do you see?  Choose one article.  Can you tell the book is it from?  Does your article have pictures, graphs or charts?

 10.Go to ABC-Clio.  Find the American Government site.  (You might need the user name and password--if working from home.  Type election 2012 in the search box.  What is the first article listed.

11.  Go to the online books page - What is Overdrive?

12.  What is the password to open the database password page from home?