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English IV - Great Ideas, Enduring Questions: Assignment

Great Ideas, Enduring Questions


The paper topic should be a Great Idea or an Enduring Question.  Topics include, for example, why humans make war on each other, child soldiers, modern slavery, sweatshops, child labor, animal testing, the problems facing women and children in Africa and the Middle East, the virtues and unexpected problems generated by development of new drugs to treat devastating diseases such as AIDS and cancer, how social media sources are helping to empower oppressed people all over the world, and the like. 


  1. Six varied nonfiction sources, including one primary and five secondary (diary, interview, reference book, news source, magazine, peer-reviewed journal, documentary film, online database, specialized dictionary, survey, poll, etcetera).
  2. Photo copies of each source, accompanied by properly prepared note pages or note cards (Noodle Tools).
  3. Works Cited page with all sources listed in proper MLA format (all required sources are present in paper and likewise present on WC page).
  4. 1500-2000 words (without WC page).


The paper's organizational structure should look like this:

I. Introduction/thesis statement

II. Definition of the enduring question or great idea you researched

III. A detailed history of the question/idea

IV. An explanation of historical treatments/handling of the issue

V. A detailed explanation of the current state of the question/idea

VI. An explanation of the current treatments/handling of the issue.

VII. Your solution to the issue, considering all that you discovered and learned.

VIII. A conclusion explaining what difference this issue and its solution makes in the world.