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English IV - Great Ideas, Enduring Questions: eBooks

GVRL - Gale Virtual Reference Library

  a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research

When citing books from GVRL, cite as database > book.

Titles included in the Gale Virtual Reference Library:

Arts    Schirmer Encyclopdia of Film
Business    Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns Vol. 2
Education Career Information Center, 9th ed
  Psychology of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia
History American Decades
Law West's Encyclopedia of American Law
Literature Gothic Literature
  Novels for Students
  Scribner Writers Online
  Twayne's Authors Online
Medicine    The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
Philosophy Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Religion Encyclopedia of Religion
Science Alternative Energy
  Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
Social Science         Human Geography


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Salem Press

You will need to use a username and password to access this eBook - even at school.  It is cedarpark/library



Critical Approaches to Literature: Feminist
Critical Approaches to Literature: Moral
Critical Approaches to Literature: Multicultural
Critical Approaches to Literature: Psychological
Critical Survey of American Literature
Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore: Gods and Goddesses
Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore: Heroes & Heroines
Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore: World Mythology
Critical Survey of Poetry: American Poets
Critical Survey of Poetry: British, Irish, & Commonwealth Poets
Critical Survey of Poetry: Cumulative Indexes
Critical Survey of Poetry: European Poets
Critical Survey of Poetry: Topical Essays
Critical Survey of Poetry: World Poets
Critical Survey of Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature, 2nd Edition
Critical Survey of World Literature, 3rd Edition


Civil Disobedience, Social Justice, Nationalism & Populism, Violent Demonstrations and Race Relations 
Treaies in the News
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: Central & South America
Defining Documents in American History: Political Campaigns, Candidates & Debates (1787-2017)
Defining Documents in American History: Supreme Court Decisions (1803-2017)
Great Events from History: Human Rights, 2nd Edition
Great Events from History: Modern Scandals, 2nd Edition
Financial Literacy Starter Kit
Opinions Throughout History: Drug Use & Abuse
Opinions Throughout History: Gender: Roles & Rights
Opinions Throughout History: Immigration
Opinions Throughout History: National Security vs. Civil Privacy Rights
Opinions Throughout History: Social Media Issues
Opinions Throughout History: The Death Penalty
Opinions Throughout History: The Environment
Opinions Throughout History: Globalization
Opinions Throughout History: Presidential Authority
Racial and Ethnic Relations in America
The Bill of Rights, 2nd Edition
The U.S. Supreme Court, 2nd Edition
Civil Rights Movements: Past & Present vol. 1 & 2
Pandemics, Plagues & Public Health


Applied Science: Engineering and Mathematics
Principles of Scientific Research
Principles of Sociology: Group Relationships & Behavior
Principles of Sociology: Personal Relationships & Behavior
Principles of Sociology: Societal Issues & Behavior
Principles of Ecology
Principles of Anatomy


Genetics and Inherited Conditions, 2nd Edition
Infectious Diseases & Conditions, 2nd Edition
Magill's Medical Guide, 8th Edition
Psychology and Behavioral Health
Salem Health: Community & Family Health Issues
Salem Health: Addictions, Substance Abuse & Alcoholism, 2nd Edition
Anxiety and Stress
Pain Management




When citing any of the sources through ABC-CLIO, cite as database > book.

A collection of over 6,000 encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and guides from ABC-CLIO, Greenwood Press, Libraries Unlimited, and Praeger. Topics covered include history, business and economics, current events and issues, education, geography and world cultures, health and medicine, law, crime and justice, library and information science, literature, military history, multicultural and gender studies, philosophy, politics and government, popular culture, religion and mythology, science, technology and environment, security studies, and sociology.

Facts On File

You can search all titles simultaneously by clicking  or you can select an individual title from the list below:

When citing books from Facts on File, cite as database > book.

Titles included in the InfoBase Facts on File eLibrary:

Criminology & Law                     Child Abduction & Kidnapping 
  Drug Crime

Gangs and Gang Crime      

  Organized Crime
  Serial Killers
Current Issues    Energy Supply and Renewable Resources
  Genocide and International Justice
  Global Warming
  Globalization and Free Trade
  Human Trafficking
  Immigration and Migration
  Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
  Nuclear Nonproliferation
  Pandemics and Global Health
  Terrorism and Global Security
  Women's Rights
  World Poverty
Language Reference       The Facts On File Dictionary of Allusions
Literature    A Separate Peace: Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations
  A Streetcar Named Desire: Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations
  Catch 22: Bloom's Guides
  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations
  Long Day's Journey Into Night: Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations
  Night: Bloom's Guides
  Song of Solomon: Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations
  The Bell Jar: Bloom's Guides
  The Kite Runner: Bloom's Guides
Medical & Health Addiction
  Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias
  Anxiety Disorders
  Child Abuse and Stress Disorders
  Depression and Bipolar Disorder
  Eating Disorders
  Impulse Control Disorders
  Personality Disorders
  Sleep Disorders
Science & Technology Biofuels
  Coal and Oil
  Natural Gas and Hydrogen
  Nuclear Energy
  Solar and Geothermal Energy
  Wind and Water