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English IV - Great Ideas, Enduring Questions: Sources

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To search titles at other campuses in the district, click on 'advanced search' and change the location drop down menu to Leander ISD.  

Click on 'advanced search' to login to Destiny using your network login credentials.  Once logged in, you can see what you have checked out, place items on hold, and renew items you'd like to have for a longer period of time.  

Advanced Searches

It's usually best to start simple - enter the key words into the basic search field.

HOWEVER, sometimes it is more advantageous to use the advanced search function.  

Advantages to Advanced Searches:

  1. Results are more relevant
  2. You can search for specific content, for example:  pdf files, audio and video content.
  3. It's easy.  Advanced search is not for advanced searchers.
  4. Results are ad-free.
  5. You can search specific domains, for example: .gov and .edu

To conduct an advanced search in Google, type 'advanced search' in the search bar.

Searching Google

How to Search on Google

  1. Keep it simple using key words.
  2. Use Web-friendly words.  Instead of "my head hurts" use "headache" because that is what most sites will use.
  3. Spell check will catch most common errors
  4. Most punctuation is ignored
  5. Capitalization isn't necessary.  You'll get the same results if you type "New York Times" as you would with "new york times".
  6. To get to the advanced search page, google 'advanced search' or, once you've conducted a simple search, click on the gear icon in the top right corner.  
  7. When conducting an advanced search, choose the filters you want to use and click 'advanced search'.

How to Use Search Operators (Search operators narrow your searches, too)

Punctuation and Symbols in Your Search (Punctuation and symbols can change your search terms.  While Google ignores most puctuation, this link takes you to a page showing you which symbols do affect your search.)

Finding Images That You Can Reuse (This page shows you how to find images that you have permission to use.  In other words, these images are in the creative commons.)

Why Use Databases?

  Passwords from Home

How do I access the databases from home?

1. Select the link above

2. When asked for a password ask Mrs. Barnes -OR- enter the name of your school mascot.  Remember proper nouns are capitalized!

3. Once open you will have a list of all database usernames and passwords