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ACE research: Databases vs. Internet


Use a library database when you...

*  need to find scholarly journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles and information not indexed or available on the web.

*  want to save time on your research.  A database provides one-stop access to credible information specific to your topic, instead of searching through thousands of web pages.

*  are looking for biographical information

*  are looking for statistical information

*  are looking for encyclopedic overviews of topics


You can't just Google it!

Databases vs. Internet


Use an Internet search engine when you...

*  are willing to evaluate the content of the website. 

*  want to access digital collections

*  want to access government information

*  want to access commercial sites

*  want to see advertisements

*  want instant access to today's news

*  want to find information on organizations, groups, personal web pages related to a topic